Dadashie Acne Treatment


 "I'm so frustrated...nothing works!"

"Does your teen, you, or someone you know say this about their acne treatments?  So did these young people until they began using the Dadashie Acne System.  

Safe, Natural, Effective and Affordable

These results were achieved in 12 weeks using a simple 2-step product system and professional peeling treatments


The Dadashie Acne System provides effective, safe and affordable treatments for the control of acne, improving the condition and appearance of the skin. The system has the wide endorsement and trusted use of doctors, aestheticians and other skin care professionals for over 15 years. 


I have been certified by the Dadashie Acne Clinic in Anaheim, CA to perform the Essential Peeling Process and to provide the Dadashie Acne Products.  I have started several clients on the system and they have seen results in as little as two weeks!  I guarantee that you will see initial results in two weeks or your money back*!


Schedule an appointment for a comprehensive skin analysis & consultation; essential peeling treatment and a 2-month supply of the Dadashie Acne home care kit.

All for only $125.00


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*Guarantee applies to product only ($60 value) and client must have 1 essential peel each week for the 2-week period and follow product use as instructed by your Esthetician.